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VitalTONE detoxes, drains and smoothes cellulite

Cellulite is a particular form of poor tissue tone in which fat stores take on the appearance of "orange-peel skin". Localised usually in the thighs, bottom, abdomen and arms, its development is connected to female hormonal activity and the state of blood and lymphatic circulation in the dermis and hypodermis (the deeper layers of the skin) and results from a combination of factors:

  • an excessive stagnation of fluid in the tissues
  • poor lymphatic circulation
  • the anomalous development of hypodermic fat cells

Cellulite's formation indicates a change in the structure of the skin, which can take some time to correct. For stubborn areas we recommend treatment with VitalTONE for 6-9 weeks, while supporting the process with healthy eating and exercise. Organic plant extracts of Rosemary, Watercress, Mint, Juniper, Hyssop and Chicory improve the micro-circulation and reduce the accumulation of lipids and toxins in the fat cells via the metabolic stimulatory properties of the formula. The result is to detox, slim, tone and smooth the tissues gently and effectively so that you will see a difference in 20 days.


Directions: Take 30 drops in water/juice before food 3 times a day.

2 x 50ml bottles = a 20 day course which can be continued/repeated as necessary

Some other tips




Body brushing

Using a dry body brush before you bathe helps improves circulation and lymph flow. Be sure to always brush towards the heart.

Intermittent fasting

This helps switch your body into a fat burning mode rather than a sugar burning one. Restrict eating to an eight hour window each day e.g. eating only between the hours of 11am until 7pm. It will take a few weeks for your body to adjust to this fat burning mode.


Moving more will get circulation and lymph flowing better and will deliver oxygen and nutrients to tissues and organs as well as promoting increased muscle strength.

Foods to avoid

Avoid foods high in sugars especially fructose, carbohydrates and salt as these contribute to cellulite formation. Carbs are the primary source of a substance called glycerol-3-phosphate (g-3-p), which actually causes fat to become fixed in fat tissue. High carbohydrate intake also raises your insulin levels, preventing fat from being released, so sugars and grains are really at the root of stubborn fat deposits. In short avoid processed foods, as they are loaded with fructose and highly processed fats and salt. Instead, focus your diet on whole, ideally organic and locally grown foods, healthful fats such as butter, eggs, avocado, coconut oil, olive oil and nuts, and grass-fed or pastured animal protein. If you need salt, ensure it is natural such as Himalayan salt, which contains about 86 different essential minerals.

Eating this way will support your transition from being a sugar to a fat burner, which is the key to lasting weight loss and optimal health. However, do not attempt fasting if your diet still consists mainly of processed foods. For processed ask yourself “has this been made in a factory?” If the answer is yes, it probably contains too much fructose, carbs and bad fats.