The Brand

Simply Vital was founded by Janice Wilson whose training in Pharmacy and Medicine was followed by a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry.  Her growing disillusionment with an industry increasingly intent on over-medicating people and encouraging doctors to do the same led her to start her own company dedicated to addressing health issues naturally and safely.

Combining her medical, pharmaceutical and quality expertise she creates natural products that are solving difficult problems while vastly improving quality of life.

"Simply Vital" describes the state of being achieved when body, mind and emotions are fully functioning and integrated with one another and it is our natural state. Our aim is to help you achive it.

All our products:

  • consist of natural and organic ingredients or standardised extracts that are supported by rigorous scientific research
  • are produced in accordance with strict regulatory requirements (GMP) that assure safety, quality and efficacy
  • encourage healing at the deepest level and work in synergy with other complementary therapies
  • are free from; artifical colours/presevatives, gluten, lactose, salt, starch, sugar, yeast and GM crops
  • are suitable for vegetarians and vegans