Customer Feedback

Customer feedback


Anthony Sinfield 15/05/2015

“After considerable research I came across your website and product QuietLEGS. At first I was skeptical of the claims. however after a particularly bad night (am recovering from a back injury at the moment which makes my RLS particularly bad) I decided to purchase the product late afternoon. The next evening I took two capsules with my evening meal. Within half an hour I was overwhelmed by a sense of total calm and relaxation, this continued throughout the night and was only broken by two incidents of my legs kicking, which would normally have cause me great pain. I can honestly say that I experienced the first night without pain or discomfort for a considerable amount of time, surprisingly and an added bonus, was the feeling of increased energy and calm which continued throughout the next day. UTTERLY AMAZING.... For all those out there who were initially skeptical like me, throw caution to the wind and give it a go, you will NOT be disappointed.”

Wendy Lees | 27/10/2011

These capsules have helped my RLS so much thank you!

“I have had restless feet since I was seven years old and these capsules have enabled me to sleep well without the horrible feelings I used to suffer with. I could not do without them now! I take 2 capsules with a glass of water half an hour before bed. They work wonders!”  


Mr Lewis, Northants | 11/08/2011

"They really do work! When I stop taking them for a few days, my legs kick off again. I take a capsule and after half an hour they stop. It's quite amazing!"

Mrs Hill, Surrey | 11/08/2011

“These capsules are absolutely amazing, I would recommend them to anyone! I have suffered with restles legs since I was 16, I’ve tried everthing, my doctor couldn’t help, but these capsules are brilliant. I am actually sleeping now!” 


Mrs Gregory, Lancs | 11/08/2011

“My husband is doing really well on these. He was diagnosed by the hospital and has tried all the drugs and everything else that’s out there. This is the only product that works for him and he’s got so much energy! We are very pleased with this product.” 

Sharine | 30/06/2011

"QuietLEGS has been a lifesaver for my mum - a restless leg syndrome sufferer for many years. As well as calming the legs, it has boosted her alertness and energy levels and I want everyone to know about it. Online ordering system is very quick and simple. Thank you Simply Vital - life has improved so much since we found you."