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VitalWOMAN naturally supports women's health by balancing hormonal fluctuations. In addition its blend of vital nutrients support cognitive performance, mood and sleep quality. Please see below for for the research and science.

Directions: 1 capsule twice a day.

VitalWOMAN is recommended by health Editors at GoHEALTHY, The Scottish Post and The Sunday Mirror


Klamath blue-green algae, the most nutrient-dense substance on the planet, provides amino acids, vitamins, minerals, super-antioxidants, enzymes, chlorophyll, precursors for hormones and neurotransmitters etc. Exceptionally rich in phenylethylamine (PEA), the amino acid we produce naturally in the brain when we feel happy, calm and focussed, PEA is a neuro-regenerative molecule proven to improve attention, mental acuity and mood.

A recent study with menopausal women, who received PEA rich extracts from Klamath showed significantly improved psychological profiles over the control group. They reported a consistent change in their quality of life, for mood and anxiety (1).

Isoflavones - proven to raise oestrogen levels when they are low and reduce them when they are high thereby minimising hot flushes and night sweats while also protecting the brain (2). Studies have shown that these isoflavones also significantly improve cognitive performance in postmenopausal women (3).

Angelica sinensis, also known as ‘female ginseng’ has long been considered as the "female's friend" and used for centuries in Chinese medicine for regulating the female hormonal system.

Organic Grape extract with a high level of resveratrol which has been shown to be an excellent regulator of the sleep-wake rhythms as well as improving non-REM sleep, which is believed to be the most important aspect of sleeping properly.


1) Genazzani AD, Chierchia E, Lanzoni C, Santagni S, Veltri F, Ricchieri F, Rattighieri E, Nappi RE  Effects of Klamath Algae extract on psychological disorders and depression in menopausal women: a pilot study. Minerva Ginecol. 62(5):381-8. Oct 2010.

2) Chedraui P, San Miguel G, Schwager G . The effect of soy-derived isoflavones over hot flushes, menopausal symptoms and mood in climacteric women with increased body mass index.. Gynecol Endocrinol. 27(5):307-13. May 2011. Epub 2010 Jun 8.

3) Two studies by the research group of Prof. Louise Dye, Human Appetite Research Unit, the Institute of Psychological Sciences at the University of Leeds, demonstrate a statistically significant effect of the consumption of soy isoflavones on specific aspects of memory in postmenopausal women. In 21 postmenopausal women, 100mg/d soy isoflavones taken for 8 weeks improved specific indices of verbal learning and memory after 4 weeks, and frontal lobe functioning after 8 weeks. Soy isoflavones were found to exert stronger cognitive effects in postmenopausal women compared to premenopausal women.  The physiological response to soy isoflavones may differ between postmenopausal and premenopausal women. Circulating oestrogen was not significantly affected by soy isoflavones in the premenopausal women, but there was a significant increase in peripheral oestrogen in the postmenopausal women. It is well established that endogenous oestrogen levels play an important role in cognition. Oestrogen levels are also linked with neurodegeneration with age and cognitive decline in postmenopausal women.

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