Our Founder

Simply Vital was founded by Janice Wilson whose training in Pharmacy and Medicine was followed by a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry.  Her growing disillusionment with an industry increasingly intent on over-medicating people and encouraging doctors to do the same, led her to start her own company dedicated to addressing health issues naturally and safely. Combining her medical, pharmaceutical and quality expertise she creates natural products that are solving difficult problems while vastly improving quality of life.

Janice was interviewed by Judith David from Working Woman for the following article:

"Lifestyle change was simply vital

The pharmaceutical industry employs many talented people, however, every year a few are motivated to leave and follow a different path…

That is exactly what Janice Wilson did by starting her company Simply Vital, which offers consumers an alternative way of thinking when it comes to medicine and healing.

After training in medicine and pharmacy at university, Janice built up an impressive CV, working for several pharmaceutical giants, and then a notable list of private consultancy clients. As a busy executive working 70-hour weeks, inevitably she became over-stressed and a bout of depression followed. She was offered the standard cure, a prescription for anti-depressants. However, she stopped short of taking them and decided instead to seek help from a personal development therapist. Over time and much soul searching she discovered there were aspects of “her” that were being denied, not actively but subconsciously.

As Janice’s self-awareness grew, her depression started to lift without the need for drugs and she began to feel better than she ever had done in her life. She also questioned that if she, as a high achiever, had been completely unaware of these hidden parts of herself, then how many of her high achieving colleagues, many of whom were also suffering stress related illnesses, were also “living in the dark” as it were?

“I guess I had my mid-life crisis early” says Janice. “Many people consider a new direction mid-career, but usually they are quite fearful of giving up their comfortable lifestyles and routines for the unknown. However, my frustration grew to the point where I felt I really had to follow my instincts and do what I could to offer people an alternative way to find better health.”

With her enquiring mind Janice began researching not only mental illnesses but physical ones too, exploring the emotional causes of both and investigating the power of alternative therapies. She discovered ways to help people with depression in a much more gentle and effective way than the standard prescription of a SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor). Janice believes these drugs effectively prevent a person from feeling any of their feelings, not just the painful, uncomfortable ones that make people seek help in the first place.

The whole experience and the results of her research opened up an entirely new area of medicine for Janice. She realised that “health’’ can only be achieved when body, mind and emotions are fully functioning and fully integrated with one another.

This new found awareness allied with her previous experience, spurred her to make a difference to the practice of medicine and she established Simply Vital. The name reflects both her vision of health and approach. Simply Vital sets out to provide you with the starting blocks to nourish and nurture body, mind and emotions to allow you to create whole health.

Janice and Simply Vital are an example of how an ethical healthcare business can and does work."