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VitalTONE drains and detoxes the body to reduce cellulite

Cellulite is a particular form of poor tissue tone in which fat stores take on the appearance of "orange-peel skin". Localised usually in the thighs, bottom, abdomen and arms, its development is connected to female hormonal activity and the state of blood and lymphatic circulation in the dermis and hypodermis (the deeper layers of the skin) and results from a combination of factors:

  • an excessive stagnation of fluid in the tissues
  • poor lymphatic circulation
  • the anomalous development of hypodermic fat cells

Cellulite's formation indicates a change in the structure of the skin, which can take some time to correct. For stubborn areas we recommend treatment with VitalTONE for 6-9 weeks, while supporting the process with healthy eating and exercise. Organic plant extracts of Rosemary, Watercress, Mint, Juniper, Hyssop and Chicory improve the micro-circulation and reduce the accumulation of lipids and toxins in the fat cells via the metabolic stimulatory properties of the formula. Skin is decongested, drained and smoothed.

Directions: Take 30 drops in water/juice before food 3 times a day.

2 x 50ml bottles = a 20 day course which can be continued/repeated as necessary

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