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A 10 day detox to cleanse the liver and colon, the starting point for health creation

The liver is constantly cleansing the blood and is also the major fat burning organ of the body so supporting it is vitally important for health and should be the first step in any health creation or weight loss plan.

Directions: Add 5ml to a small glass of water (add lemon juice to taste) and sip ten minutes before meals twice daily.

Detoxing and fat burning

As the major detox organ of the body the liver is under assault from toxins generated in the body from the processes of metabolism as well as toxins that enter the body from the environment (food, water, air, cosmetics, cleaning products etc).

If toxic overload stops the liver from functioning as it should, as the major fat burning organ, dietary fats cannot be used properly and instead accumulate inside liver cells further hampering their ability to function. This is why detoxing is the important first step to take if you want to lose weight. A healthy liver will restore your fat burning capacity!

To reverse this downward spiral, cleanse the liver twice a year with VitalDETOX a combination of Milk Thistle, Artichoke, Rosemary, Boldo and other traditional herbs renowned for their ability to restore liver health.

Fatty liver disease

Dietary excesses such as too much alcohol and/or fatty food puts an enormous strain on the liver preventing it from working properly. Over time a condition known as "fatty liver" may develop.

A fatty liver is one that is invaded with fat and it is very common in overweight people over 30 and people who drink excessively. It is the most common cause of abnormal liver function tests and may lead to more serious liver disease.

Fatty liver disease often presents no obvious symptoms, especially in the beginning, but as the disease advances over a period of years the person may experience chronic fatigue, nausea, confusion and impaired judgement.

A fatty liver can be reversed with VitalDETOX and dietary changes but recovery will take between 3-6 months.

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