Create Health

This modern life offers us fantastic opportunities to live well, yet it also presents us with new risks to our health. The most obvious risks are:

  • poisonous pollutants in the air, water and our food from industrial processes and intensive farming techniques
  • nutrient deficient food from that intensive farming which is then further depleted by factory processing
  • new mental and physical stresses that prevent good rest and relaxation

These risk factors are exacerbated by our increasing disconnection from the positive energies from nature and it is increasingly obvious that to create heath we must tap into these energies as much as possible. A powerful way to access these "energies" is with primordial nutrients; Blue-green algae, natural enzymes and friendly bacteria (probiotics). These powerful agents will be a cornerstone for the medicine of the future, helping us reduce our reliance on synthetic drugs and providing the means, along with other alternative therapies, to create whole health.