Research Studies

Helping Teens Concentrate

7th March 2019 by Janice Wilson

Klamath blue-green algae and specifically, a concentrated extract from the algae rich in phenylethylamine (PEA) helps young minds focus Until recently, Klamath algae’s ability to improve stress and nervous conditions was attributed to its general nutritional properties, however it has been shown that it is the the phenylethylamine (PEA) molecule within the algae that we


Soy isoflavones significantly improve cognitive performance

10th June 2011 by Janice Wilson MRPharmS

Soy isoflavones significantly improve cognitive performance in postmenopausal women Two studies by the research group of Prof. Louise Dye, Human Appetite Research Unit, the Institute of Psychological Sciences at the University of Leeds, demonstrate a statistically significant effect of the consumption of soy isoflavones on specific aspects of memory in postmenopausal women. In 21 postmenopausal